Balnarring Picnic Race Day

“Arguably the best picnic racing course in Victoria. 2000 m. around and able to run journeys of 1000, 1200, 1600 and 2000 metres. Flat well grassed surface.”
Balnarring Picnic Race Day

The Balnarring Picnic Racing Club is a non profit organisation committed to promoting picnic racing as an enjoyable and family orientated activity Set in a scenic coast, yet rural environment, the Balnarring Picnic Racing Club provides the opportunity for all to experience ‘the fun of the races’.

Visit the mounting yard as the horses are paraded, and from track side, cheer your favourite home as the horses race around the track.

Enjoy a leisurely picnic among the trees, throw out a rug on the lush lawns under an old gumtree; however you wish to enjoy your day out at the races, Balnarring has got it all.