How To Use ROADiii

Instructions For Travellers

Finding an amazing Australian event, a music festival, a food festival, a winery or a caravan and camping show is as simple as four clicks. You start on the ROADiii home page. You click on the desired LOCATION, the EVENT TYPE, the MONTH and then you click SEARCH. The end result is a surprisingly simple menu of high quality festivals and events.

If you’re after more, try the following search … ALL LOCATIONS / ALL EVENT TYPES / ALL MONTHS and you’ll end up with a smorgasbord of Australia’s best!

If you are looking for markets, award winning restaurants and wineries, click on ALL MONTHS and try the RECURRING button.

ROADiii is easy to use. Feel free to experiment. The back arrow or the home button will take you back to the start if you find yourself a little lost or daydreaming!

Enjoy planning your next holiday.

Instructions For Event Organisers

How to submit an event - Part 1

You need to register for an account if you want your event listed, featured or enhanced. It's easy! Simply click here to complete our sign up form.

After submission you will receive an email from ‘' containing a verification link. Click on that link. Please check your junk folder if the email is not received.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not get automatic access. Your request will be reviewed by our admin team and you’ll be notified by email as soon as it has been approved. Once approved you will be able to access our event submission form via our organiser login page.

How to submit an event - Part 2

Once you have set up an account you can submit your event by following these steps:

  1. Click on the LOG IN button on the top right hand side of the Home page.
  2. Type in your email and password.
  3. Check the ROBOT box and click LOG IN
  4. Click on the SUBMIT EVENT button (top of page)
  5. Complete the SUBMIT EVENT form and click CREATE

The team at ROADiii will be notified and they’ll check your EVENT form. If your event meets with our event guidelines, it will be approved and appear on the ROADiii website.

Please note: You can update your event at any time by logging in and then clicking on the UPDATE EVENT at the top of the home page.