Fleece To Fashion - Armidale

We are a movement that reflects the vibrant and passionate people involved in Merino wool.

Date: July 10, 2022
Event Website: https://www.fleecetofashion.com.au/
Address: Armidale

Fleece To Fashion - Armidale
Image: https://fleecetofashion.com.au/

F2F is a community based not for profit company limited by guarantee. Our people engage in the production of fleece to fashion from a wide range of disciplines. Together our directors have over 100 years of combined experience in the fashion events sector, working with the likes of Alexander Perry, George Gross, Harry Watt, Deborah Hutton, Joh Bailey, Jonathon Ward, the late Lady Sonia McMahon, Josephine Nathan, Bonny Lythgoe, Faye De Lanty, Peter Everett, Adrian Erdedi, Emma Downey, Akira Isogawa, Charlie Brown, Catriona Rowntree and Emily Taylor.

Lachlan Fulloon, Chairman of the board brings a background of the Australian Wool Industry as a Merino Wool Grower and Seedstock producer. Phil Gream is the organisation’s secretary and brings extensive knowledge as a Partner at Roberts & Morrow chartered accountants. Elizabeth Foster brings her experience as managing director of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards (TAWFA) for over 30 years. Her expertise in running Wool fashion events and connections within the industry is invaluable. Kristen Porter combines her expertise as a lawyer with her extensive background in modelling, fashion show production and previous wool fashion competitions. She was also involved with TAWFA since 1997.

Greg Moin, partner Moin Morris Schaefer & Associates Legal Firm acted as the resident lawyer for TAWFA for many years, chaired the organisation for over 10 years and holds many connections within the local area.

Under the guidance of the board and Edie Rose and Beau Thackaway. Our members are all immensely skilled and talented individuals and share a like minded passion for the industry.