Melon Fest - Chinchilla

If you've never seen anyone split open 47 watermelons in 60 seconds using nothing but, well... their own melon, you should probably come to the Chinchilla Melon Festival for one heck of a good laugh!
Melon Fest - Chinchilla

Known as the ‘Melon Capital’ of Australia, Chinchilla produces a quarter of Australia’s melons and celebrates the fact biennially in February. Join with the locals for some hilarious fun and festivities as events, such as melon skiing, melon iron man, melon bungee, melon bullseye, pip spitting and melon tossing, get into full throw.

There’s back-to-back entertainment for the whole family with markets, a street parade, arts and crafts, a poets' breakfast, luncheons, free concerts, and loads more over the week. So pull on some old clothes and take to the streets of Chinchilla, that are awash with melon mayhem. But be warned: you might end up in a very sticky situation!

Some of the excitement to look forward to includes:

  • The ever-popular Melon Skiing;
  • Melon Dash for Cash;
  • Melon Bungee;
  • Melon Bullseye;
  • Melon Ball Games;
  • Chariot Race;
  • Melon Ironman;
  • Pip Spitting Competition;
  • Street stalls and a Parade
  • Art & Craft Competition;
  • The FREE Family Concert